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Big List of Free and Discounted E-Books for You Today! Yeah!!

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Hey, here’s a big list of freebies and great discounted books.  Some I know are good and by great authors, some I haven’t heard of before, but had good rating and if it’s free you can read the description and see what you think. Here’s the thing…I’ve been gone all day and now it’s time to start supper, so I’m going to just list the price, dates if known, title & author.  Most of these books are offered on various e-readers, so you know how to get to your “store” and get the book.  Thanks for doing this, because I just don’t have time and I want to get this list out so no one will miss out on a great deal. Make sure you check the price BEFORE you buy!  Prices change quickly.

  • FREE (2-18 ONLY):  Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy
  • FREE (2-18 ONLY):  The Eyes of the Heart: Seeing God’s Hand in the Everyday Moments of Life by Tracie Peterson
  • FREE (2-18 ONLY):  Five Days in Skye by Carla Laureano
  • FREE (2-16/2-22 ONLY):  Popular: Boys, Booze and Jesus by Tindell Baldwin (I don’t know a thing about this author or her beliefs, so make sure what you read is Scriptural)
  • $1.99: Victory in Spiritual Warfare by Tony Evans
  • $1.99:  Destiny by Tony Evans
  • $1.99:  The Survivor (Crime Scene: Houston) by DiAnn Mills (I’m pretty sure we have this in our church Media Center)
  • $1.99:  Watch Over Me by Christa Parrish (we have this in our church Media Center)
  • $2.99 (2-18 ONLY):  The Damascus Countdown #1 by Joel Rosenberg.  FANTASTIC SERIES!!!  We have them in our Media Center and I highly recommend them.


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Tracie Peterson and Kimberly Woodhouse Will Be At The Carpenter’s Shop, Feb. 14, 2014

Great news for Tracie Peterson fans!  She and Kimberly Woodhouse (a “new to me” author) will be doing a book signing at The Carpenter’s Shop at 1880 Epps Bridge Parkway, Suite 108.  It’s across the street from The Cracker Barrel and back behind Chic-fil-a.

Tracie and Kimberly have a new book out, All Hidden Things, and they will be autographing and talking to their fans.  I know several ladies from our church are planning on going to meet her.  If you live near Athens, GA, just drive on down and meet Tracie and Kim yourself.  I’m so excited!!

They will be at The Carpenter’s Shop from 11am to 1pm on Friday, February 14th, 2014.  I hope to see you there.

P.S. Brian Hill, the owner of The Carpenter’s Shop, said the book will be on sale that day!  Yeah!!


Bestselling Author Tracie Peterson Teams Up with Kimberley Woodhouse for a Depression-Era Drama

Gwyn Hillerman acts as a nurse at her father’s medical practice in 1935 rural Alaska. Her family life has been rough ever since her mother, hating Alaska, took Gwyn’s younger sister back to Chicago to live.

Dr. Jeremiah Vaughan finds his life suddenly turned upside down when his medical license is stripped away after he loses an affluent patient. In a snowball effect, he then loses his engagement to Gwyn’s sister, Sophia. When the government decides to send a group of families to Alaska in hopes of making a better life, Dr. Hillerman sends a letter urging Jeremiah to join his practice. Thinking his secret would be safe in the isolated Alaska Territory, Jeremiah agrees.

Gwyn and Jeremiah soon recognize a growing attraction to each other. But when another suitor enters the scene and Jeremiah’s secret is revealed, their hopes for a future are threatened.

(This description was taken from Tracie Peterson’s website…I hope that’s ok for me to use it…after all, I am trying to get people to come meet her and buy the book! 🙂 )

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Finally, I’ve Found Time to Search for Free E-Books

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Some of these freebies you need to get today or tomorrow.  I have posted the dates on the ones I know, but if you think you want the book, don’t wait, they go away quickly sometimes.  I’m only listing the link to the kindle store, but they may be free on other e-readers too, so check your store.   This is all for today, I’ll get more to you in the next couple of days.  Some of these have been free before, but for our new followers, they might be new to you! Enjoy!!!

  • FREE (11/4 – 11/5)  on Kindle:  Blue Hole Back Home by Joy Jordan-Lake
  • FREE (11/5 – 11/6 notice this is NOT FREE until TOMORROW!) on Kindle:  The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camdem.  This is a great book!
  • FREE (11/1 – 11/14) on Kindle:  A River to Cross by Yvonne Harris
  • FREE (11/1 – 11/30) on Kindle:  Lion of Babylon (A Marc Royce Thriller #1) by Davis Bunn.  This is a GREAT series!
  • FREE (11/1 – 11/30) on Kindle:  An Untamed Land (Red River of the North #1) by Lauraine Snelling.  GREAT series!
  • FREE (11/1 – 11/30) on Kindle:  Daughter of Twin Oaks (A Secret Refuge #1) by Lauraine Snelling.  I haven’t read this, but I love this author.
  • FREE (11/1 – 11/30) on Kindle:  Angels Watching Over Me (Shenandoah Sisters #1) by Michael Phillips
  • FREE (11/1 – 11/30) on Kindle:  Candle in the Darkness (Refiner’s Fire #1) by Lynn Austin.  GREAT series…Lynn doesn’t write a bad book!
  • FREE (11/1 – 11/30) on Kindle:  Distant Dreams (Ribbons of Steel #1) by Judith Pella and Tracie Peterson.  Great book!
  • FREE (11/1 – 11/30) on Kindle:  Shadows of the Canyon (Desert Rose #1) by Tracie Peterson.  I haven’t read this one, but I love all her books!


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FREE e-Books – Today Only – September 24, 2013

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The Miner’s Lady (Land of Shining Water, Book 3) by Tracie Peterson (5 Stars)

The Miner’s Aren’t The Only Danger These Families Face


The Miner’s Lady (Land of Shining Water #3) by Tracie Peterson (5 Stars)

Remember the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s?  Well, their feud has nothing on the feud between the families of the Panetta’s and Calarco’s.  These two Italian American families have hated each other for many decades, going all the way back to Italy and a mule.  I know that doesn’t make sense to you now, but it will when you read the book.

Isabella Panetta and Orlando Calarco have fallen desperately in love.  Yet the father’s of both families are totally against it and forbid them from seeing each other.  They enlist their older siblings, Chantel Panetta and Dante Calarco to help them.  Chantel is much more receptive to them, because she has a deep love for the Lord and hates the feud between the families.  While, Dante is not quite so willing.  But the beautiful Chantel is slowly wearing him down.

There’s so much I want to say, but to say anything will give away some of the story and you just have to go into this story open to God’s workings and be ready to be swept away with emotion after emotion after several tragedies occur.  But God has not left them to deal with these things alone.  He is forever working in their lives and we get the privilege to read this story and watch the lives of these families unfold.  I laughed some, I cried a lot.  It’s an excellent story of God’s redemption and grace.

Although this is Book 3 in the series, it does not have to be read in order.  Each story is totally separate with the characters, but the setting is always in Minnesota. This is Christian fiction, yet the characters faith is so entwined in their lives, that the book does not come across as preachy.  Anyone who loves historical, romantic suspense will love this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for my honest opinion and did not receive any compensation for a favorable review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Let’s meet Tracie:


I encourage you to visit this link to Tracie’s website and view her videos.  She talks about herself and shares about her family and then there is a section of frequently asked questions and you can click on the question and will be directed to another website.  You’ll then have to search for her name on the list of authors on the right-hand side and then you can listen to her answer those questions.  I loved it!  It makes it so much more personal knowing the author better and how she goes about her day and what inspires her and how she works.  I think you’ll enjoy this as much as I did! 


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The Quarryman’s Bride (Land of Shining Water Book 2) by Tracie Peterson (5 Stars)

Family Loyalty and Lost Love


The Quarryman’s Bride by Tracie Peterson

It’s 1886 in St. Cloud, Minnesota and seventeen year-old Emmalyne Knox was engaged to marry Tavin MacLachlan in a few weeks.  But tragedy struck the town and her family especially and now because of an old family tradition, she is now the youngest daughter and is expected to remain living with her parents to care for them the rest of her life.  There was no changing her father, Luthias Knox’s mind.  He packed up and moved his remaining family away and for 11 long years all Emmalyne did was care for her parents and brother, Angus (the only bright spot in her life) and daily wondered about Tavin.  Her heart breaking each time she thought of all she had lost.

Luthias Knox is a very hard, unyielding man.  He has no love in him and it shows in the way he treats his wife, daughter and son.  He ruined his daughter’s life, yet she felt like it was her duty to honor her parents as God had said in His Word.  Now after 11 long years circumstances change and they move back to St. Cloud, Minnesota.  Her father will be working with Robert MacLachlan, Tavin’s father.  He now owns a quarry and has offered Luthias a job.  But Emmalyne is scared.  Will Tavin still be there?  Will he be married and have children?  Can she bare to see that and will her heart break again?

But as with all things, God has a master plan and although this book is full of pain and heartache, it’s also full of love, redemption and restoration.  I loved reading every word, even thought sometimes I got so mad at Mr. Knox!  This is a wonderful book and anyone who loves historical romantic fiction that is not sappy, but gritty and tense and not always the “happily ever after for everyone story” will love this book.  It keeps you wondering what will happen between Emmalyne and Tavin and there’s a new doctor in town that has his eyes on Emmalyne too.  I highly recommend this book and series.  This is not the type of series you have to read in order.  Each book is separate, they are just all set in Minnesota.  So just go pick one up and enjoy!  I’m picking up, The Miner’s Lady #3, today!

Let’s learn more about the author:


I encourage you to visit this link to Tracie’s website and view her videos.  She talks about herself and shares about her family and then there is a section of frequently asked questions and you can click on the question and will be directed to another website.  You’ll then have to search for her name on the list of authors on the right-hand side and then you can listen to her answer those questions.  I loved it!  It makes it so much more personal knowing the author better and how she goes about her day and what inspires her and how she works.  I think you’ll enjoy this as much as I did!


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