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Free E-Books I Have To Share

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I found a freebie to share with y’all and I have also included a link to Bethany House and you can browse through all the books they have free or discounted, just make sure you check the dates.  Also, these books are available on a lot of different e-readers!

Just a quick side note:  This is our 1 year anniversary of this blog and it’s been such fun!!!  I have met some really great people all around the world and met some fantastic Christian authors also.  It’s been more work than I ever dreamed also.  That’s why I’m taking a break,  but still letting you know about free ebooks.  I can’t download them for myself without sharing them to all my “cyber-friends”!!!  I pray each of you have a very happy and blessed new year and that each day will bring you closer to in your relationship with Jesus!!

  • FREE (1-12/1-20) on Kindle:  24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life by Matthew Sleeth and Eugene H. Peterson
  • And here is a link to a website from Bethany House that I find some great freebies and discounted books.  They show the dates for each book, so you’ll know exactly when to purchase them.  So click HERE and you’ll be directed to this page and you can browse through all the great books.


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Lots of Free e-books by Beth Moore

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I have found a lot of free books by Beth Moore (one of my favorite Bible Study teachers) and at first I just downloaded one, because we have the others in our church Media Center, but then I thought…it takes me a lot longer to read a non-fiction book, so I better go ahead and get these while they are free. I don’t know how long they will be free, so I advise you go ahead and download them today!  Always double check the price before downloading since prices do change suddenly.  Also, I haven’t checked to see if they are free on other e-readers, so if you have a nook, or another type of reader, you know how to check your “store” to see if they are there and if they are free.  So….here they are:

  • FREE on Kindle:  Believing God by Beth Moore
  • FREE on Kindle:  Believing God Day by Day: Growing Your Faith All Year Long by Beth Moore
  • FREE on Kindle:  When Godly People Do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore
  • FREE on Kindle:  To Live Is Christ by Beth Moore
  • FREE on Kindle:  The Beloved Disciple by Beth Moore
  • FREE on Kindle:  Praying God’s Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds by Beth Moore
  • FREE on Kindle:  Further Still by Beth Moore
  • FREE on Kindle:  A Heart Like His:  Intimate Reflections on the Life of David by Beth Moore
  • FREE on Kindle:  Breaking Free Day by Day by Beth Moore
  • FREE on Kindle:  Breaking Free by Beth Moore
  • FREE on Kindle:  Jesus, the One and Only by Beth Moore

Isn’t this exciting!!!!  Thank you Beth, your publishers and whoever else is responsible for offering these fantastic e-books for free!  Click on Beth Moore‘s name here and be directed to her website and you’ll find all kinds of wonderful things!!!


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A Change for the New Year

This past year has been a blast, starting this blog in January 2013 and learning so much about WordPress and meeting some of the best Christian Fiction bloggers and meeting some excellent Christian fiction authors that I was totally blessed to interview and giveaway one of their books.  I joined several groups to get free Christian fiction books and write reviews…it was truly a blessing, because I was able to donate them to our Media Center and others have been able to enjoy reading them too.  BUT…sometimes God leads us to a different place, a different season of life.  Right now I feel like my life’s verse is in Psalm 23…he leads me beside the still waters….he restores my soul.  That’s what I hope and pray for this year.

I have had some medical problems that are not serious, yet they really get to you, day after day, after day.  Then I developed some eye problems, and for a reader, that’s not a good problem to have.  I could usually read 2-3 books a week, easily…yet this past Fall, it would take me at least 2 weeks to read a book and then try and write a review!  My memory isn’t that good.  All the stress took the joy of reading right out of me.  I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for so long that the flames have met and I need to re-focus my attention to what’s important.  That’s my relationship with Jesus and my family.  So, with much sadness, I’m going to lay off of the blog for a time, praying that God will lead me back here, but trusting that He knows best.

If I see some great free or deeply discounted e-books, you may get a post though.  I’ll feel guilty if I don’t pass along my wonderful finds!!  And I’ll still  keep reading the blogs I follow and maybe eventually, I’ll even have the time and energy to reply.  I’ve read so many good ones, yet I just haven’t had it in me to make a comment and I love to comment and hear from these dear bloggers.  They put so much of their time and lives into their blogs and I so appreciate them.  And I so appreciate each and everyone of you who follow our blog.  I do hope you’ll just hang on and pray for me and hopefully one day the Lord will lead me back and I’ll be refreshed…I know He will restore my soul.  He keeps His word and I’m going to start the year off with Him and get the refreshment He has in store for me.

Thanks to each one of you who have followed our blog and who have offered comments and words of encouragement.  And a special thanks to the authors who were so wonderful to do interviews and giveaway their books!  Christian authors are the BEST!!!!

God bless each one of you this new year and I  pray that He will bring each one of you closer to Him in 2014!




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