Lone Witness (Atlanta Justice, Book 2) by Rachel Dylan – 5 Stars

Superb legal thriller full of suspense and plot twists!  Rachel Dylan did an excellent job on this sequel in her Atlanta Justice series.  The story is stand-alone, but some minor characters in this story were main characters in the first book, Deadly Proof, so if you don’t like knowing what happens to characters, then read these in order.  Version 2

Three friends, Rachel, Kate, and Mia are all lawyers in Atlanta, GA.  This novel centers on Rachel and two cases she’s involved with.  Both cases are exciting and Rachel has to do some heavy duty work to dig deep in order to make her case.  Of course, there’s danger, always danger, and her father hires a private security firm to offer protection for his daughter, Rachel.  Cooper Knight had met Rachel before and thought very highly of her, but he has no intentions of getting romantically involved with any woman because of his past.  But he’s an excellent PI and he’s not going to let anyone hurt Rachel on his watch.  Only, when you are dealing with dangerous men, anything can happen.  And happen it does!  

I highly recommend this book (and previous book) if you like legal thrillers full of suspense.  You will get involved in the story from the beginning and it will be hard to put down until it ends.  You will fall in love with some characters and be ready to put others behind bars for the rest of their lives.  You will also be shocked and thrilled! 

Thanks, Rachel Dylan, for another wonderful read!

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