Beneath Copper Falls (A Rock Harbor Novel #6) by Colleen Coble

It’s SO GOOD to be back in Rock Harbor!!  I loved the Rock Harbor series with Bree and her rescue dog and all the other great characters and now I’m excited to be back with them, new characters, old characters, and a new and exciting mystery.  This book had me IMG_3653from the Prologue and didn’t let go until the very end.  Colleen Coble hasn’t lost her touch with these characters or with the ability to keep the suspense going full speed.

Dana Newell is a 911 operator living in Washington State and let’s just say she needs to get away from her fiancé in a hurry.  She had spent most of her youth in Rock Harbor and had met up with Bree and her rescue dog, Samson, recently and thought going back would be just the thing she needs.  Trouble is everywhere though, but at least she has friends who care, a new job, and her brother Chris.  But looks are not always as they seem. And Dana finds that out pretty soon when she meets Boone.  

That’s all I’m telling.  No spoilers from me.  If you read the Rock Harbor novels then you need to read this one also. If you haven’t read them, technically you don’t need to, but I would, since the characters in the book have changed since the first book, Without A Trace, and I’d hate for you to already know how some things turned out.  I’m a sucker for a total surprise, so I rarely read the description on the back of the book if I know the author. 

So just get this book and enjoy the ride.  It’s full of suspense and a twisting mystery that will almost make you dizzy trying to solve it.  

Find out more about Colleen Coble and her books here:

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