Criss Cross by C.C. Warrens: E-Book is FREE! September 7-11, 2018

I’m a day late in posting this, but you still have time to download Criss Cross, the first book in the Holly Novel series by C.C. Warrens.  This is an amazing series. Each book builds on each other with more insights into the characters and more suspense (and humor), until Book 3, Crossed Off, and the suspense level is off the charts!!!  I literally had to put the book down several times just to catch my breath and remind myself that this was fiction!

This is a great way to start off this series, thank you, C.C. Warrens for sharing this amazing e-book for FREE.

Her new series, Injustice For All (Seeking Justice Book 1) has just been released in Amazon kindle for $3.99.  This series follows Detective Marx, from the Holly Novels, as he seeks justice and continues with Holly’s story.  I’ve read it and it’s great!  I’ll be posting a review soon.




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4 responses to “Criss Cross by C.C. Warrens: E-Book is FREE! September 7-11, 2018

  1. Karen Jones

    I tried to get this from Amazon. Said was not available for purchase from this APP???

  2. Karen Jones

    Went through a different route and got it! Thank you!!! 😊

    • I’m glad you kept at it and got the free download. I’m still confused, but that’s me most of the time:) I’m sure you will enjoy it. Just remember, there are two more books in the series and they are available too. Cross Fire #2 and Crossed Off #3. Sometimes she will run a special for 99 cents. I have no idea when that may be again, but if I see it I’ll try and remember to post it. Enjoy the read! I’d love to hear how you liked it. Also, if you do book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, she and all other authors love to get reviews.

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