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Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas Movie – Starts Nov. 14, 2014

Just heard about this movie and watched the trailer. It sounds great and I plan on taking my grandsons. I just wanted to pass this info along to everyone.

Here’s the movie trailer…(I can’t get the right one to download, but when I preview this you can keep watching and see more trailers of the movie. The second one is a music video of the movie and it’s great. Wonderful song and message. So I hope this youtube link works ok for everyone!

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FREE E-Book Today- Trouble in Store by Carol Cox

Hey friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and things have changed in the “WordPress World”! Wow, I need a new lesson on how it works, but I think I can get through this post ok.

Here’s a free e-book download, I know it’s today (Thursday, November 13, 2014) and it may be tomorrow also, but get it today if you know you want it.

Trouble in Store by Carol Cox. It’s free on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook), so go to their sites and search the book and make sure it’s free before downloading to your e-reader.

We have it in the Media Center, but I haven’t read it. Looks good, though.


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