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Two Free E-Books You Might Be Interested In

Icons for Blog Use.004Here are a couple of non-fiction books that teen girls, parents of teen girls, and just plain old parents might really enjoy reading.  We live in a different world today than I did many, many years ago.  And though some things are the same, it seems like it’s so much worse now.  Parents and teenagers need all the help they can get.  So, take a look at these books and see if you think they might help you. Always, check the books against God’s Word.

  • FREE (8/29 – 8/31) on Kindle:  21 Prayers for Teen Girls (True Beauty Books) by Shelley Hitz
  • FREE (8/29 – 8/30) on Kindle:  Not So Fast:  Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families by Ann Kroker

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