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Two Free E-Books on Marriage – Today (2-6) Only

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Here are two free e-books that are being offered free TODAY only (2-6) from Bethany House.  They are by some great authors, so I’m sure these books are very good.  I’m including the link to the Kindle store, but they may be free on other e-readers also, so check your store.

  • FREE (2/6) on Kindle:  Love is a Flame: Stories of What Happens When Love is Rekindled by James Stuart Bell and Gary Chapman
  • FREE (2/6) on Kindle:  Creating an Intimate Marriage: Rekindle Romance Through Affection, Warmth and Encouragement by Jim Burns and Stephen Arterburn

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A Perfect Pet for Peyton by Gary Chapman and Rick Osborne

Delightful In So Many Ways! (5 Stars)

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This is one of the cutest books for children I’ve seen lately.  And it’s like 4-books-in-one!  First, it’s a delightful story about twins, Peyton and Penny and it’s their birthday.  They have been hinting to their parents about their dream party and it’s about to come true.  They end up in a delightful place called, Mr. Chapman’s Perfect Pet Pal Emporium. This place is amazing, and be warned…when you read this to your children they WILL want to go here for their birthday or any day!  I would love to go there!

Secondly, this is more that just a sweet birthday party story, it’s a story about children’s love languages and how each child responds to different ways of showing love and friendship.  You and your children will learn about each other’s love language while reading this delightful story.

Thirdly, this book is a “search & find” book too!  On each page that has a full picture, you are suppose to look for an insect.  There is one page I still haven’t been able to find it.  I guess I’ll have to get my grandson’s to help me!

Fourthly, it’s a book about animals and insects and learning about them, searching for them on the pages, and finding out different things about them.

All around, this book is precious and I highly recommend it for parents, grandparents, church libraries, even Sunday School teachers.  There are so many uses for this book.

“I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.” I  received a complimentary copy of this book from Moody Publishers for my honest opinion and did not receive any compensation for a favorable review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

I’ll be donating this to the Media Center for parents, grandparents, children workers, to come and check out.

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