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Traces of Mercy (Mercy Medallion Trilogy, Book 1) by Michael Landon, Jr. and Cindy Kelley (4 Stars)


In this suspenseful historical novel, it’s April 1865 during the Civil War and we have a Confederate sniper, a Union officer, a wounded woman who has amnesia who ends up living in a convent, Little Sisters of Hope, with Mother Helena trying to help her find out who she is.  Since she has no memory of what her name is, she comes up with Mercy.

Mercy is obviously upset about her memory loss and Mother Helena gives her a journal to start writing down her thoughts and things she is doing now, so she will have them as memories and maybe one day something will spark her memory.  Mercy writes in her journal almost nightly.  She writes down things that happen and things she discovers that she knows or is good at.  One thing she is good at is horses.  The horse that the sisters bought before Mercy came was always giving them trouble, but then Mercy stepped in and the horse immediately calmed down.  She even discovered she was a good shot, when after she met Rand Prescott, a local wealthy young man, he brings her to his home for a party.  The men were going on a hunt and Rand knew she loved to ride, so he gives her a gun to teach her to shoot.  Let’s just say she didn’t need lessons!

This is a wonderful novel full of mystery, and ups and downs for Mercy.  Trying to discover who she is and afraid of finding out all at the same time.  I totally enjoyed reading this book , and I can’t wait until the second book in this series comes out.  This is a great novel for those who like history, romance, and suspense and mystery.

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