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Great Deal on Suspense Novels by C.C. Warrens

Author, C.C. Warrens, is offering the first two books of her A Holly Novel series for 99cents each.  That’s an amazing deal, especially considering they are excellent books.  You can find my review of all three books here on my blog.

You’ll need to visit the author’s website to buy these e-books.  Here’s the link:


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Cross Fire (A Holly Novel #2) by C.C. Warrens

Oh my! Holly Cross does seem to have trouble follow her every where she goes. This second book in the series picks up where Criss Cross left off. Only now there is more trouble for Holly to get mixed up in. Her detective friend, Marx, is involved with gangs and murders. And of course, Holly gets involved and things turn very, very dangerous. Not only for her, but for her long-time friend, Jordan, who returns to help protect Holly from Collin, her nightmare…the man that only wants to continue to torture Holly. The suspense of the current danger that Holly, Marx and Jordan are in and add to it the deeper suspense of wondering when and where Collin will show himself, is edge-of-your seat tension. If this were a movie, I would cover my eyes and peak through my fingers to see what’s coming next!

Author C.C. Warrens did an excellent job on continuing Holly’s story. She has really developed the characters even more as they continue on in this novel with new dangers. I had a hard time putting this book down, yet at the same time, I would stop reading just because I wanted it to last longer. Holly is still a quirky, witty, thankful woman. But she is still haunted by her past and is still having a hard time letting the people that care for her do just that…care for her! Holly still has boundaries but is slowly trying very hard to overcome the horrors of the past. But some horrors never seem to go away…Collin!

If you read, Criss Cross, then you know you will have to continue reading about Holly to find out how things turned out. And if you haven’t read the first book, Criss Cross, then do! Please do! If you like mystery/suspense, very little romance, quirky characters and funny, witty characters, then this is the book series for you. No bad language, no sex scenes, and that is important for me. This is a Christian book, but there’s not preachy scenes, just a good balance of a wounded life and how Jesus is always there for Holly.

The third book, Crossed Off, is expected to be released in April 2018. And C.C. Warrens is giving Marx his own book to tell his story, which I’m eager to read also.

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