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Book Review and Book Giveaway – July 29-30, 2013

I was blessed by the authors, Cathy Lynn Bryant and Jessica Marie Dorman (a mother-daughter writing team) by receiving two copies of their book, Grandmother’s Namesake (Book 2 in the Unshakeable Faith Series).  One for me to read and review and one for me to GIVEAWAY!!!  You don’t have to read Book 1 first, it’s a separate story set around the same time period about another historical event.

Here’s my review and at the end you’ll see a picture of the authors and read a short bio and then you can make a comment to this post to be entered to win an autographed copy of this book!

From Heartbreak to Healing Faith(4 Stars)

Book Giveaway August 29-30, 2013

Book Giveaway
August 29-30, 2013

This is a historical Christian novel that picks up in 1693 after the witch trials of Salem.  This novel is based on actual people with a fictional story along with fictional characters.  Susanna North Martin was a real person who in 1692 was hung for being a witch.  Of course, she wasn’t a witch.  She was a God-fearing Christian who just spoke her mind, but because of the events surrounding the fear of superstition, she was a brave victim.  Her granddaughter, Susanna Jameson is a real person, and this novel is about her and her life in a fictionalization.

Susanna’s faith was shaken when her beloved grandmother was hung on that fateful day.  She was a teenager and was forbidden to go, but she went anyway and hid in the background and saw the unthinkable.  She was beyond heartbroken and even though she tried, she could not seem to forgive God for letting this happen.

She is grown now and her parents are still concerned about her despondency and sends her to visit her grandmother’s dear friend (and her dear friend) for a few weeks to see if that will help.  She loved being with Maddie and begins to open her heart up but she still held such pain inside.  She meets William Gage, who owns the farm next to Maddie and he help run Maddie’s farm along with his.  Susanna and William have an instant attraction to each other, but there are so many things that they will have to over come throughout this novel.  It seems like on each page a prayer is shared by someone, Maddie, Susanna, William, Susanna’s family and friends concerning their growing concern over the situation.  Will she be able to finally forgive God, and forgive the people who killed her grandmother?  Will she be able to finally rest in the love of God and of William?

I did not read Book 1 in this series, because the author said it was not necessary.  After reading this book, I searched for the first book thinking it would be about Susanna North Martin and the witch trials.  But Book 1, Lost Love and Shipwrecked: Madeline Pike Finds Hope in the New Land, is another novelization about a real ship, Angel Gabriel, which was caught in a hurricane 1635 off the coast of New England.  It sounds equally interesting.

“I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author for my honest opinion and did not receive any compensation for a favorable review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “

Let’s meet the authors:

Cathy Lynn Bryant and Jessica Marie Dorman

Cathy Lynn Bryant and Jessica Marie Dorman

Inspired by interesting characters and events uncovered while doing genealogical research, mother and daughter writing team, Cathy Lynn Bryant and Jessica Marie Dorman, who live in beautiful New England, have masterfully woven the stories of real people and fictional characters from the 17th century to develop this inspirational, romantic, work of historical fiction.

You can visit them at:  bryantdormanbooks.com

Now for the GIVEAWAY!

  1. You must be 18 years or older and be a U.S. resident.
  2. Leave a comment in the comment section at the end of THIS post. One entry per person.
  3. We will randomly compile a list of everyone who made a comment on August 30, 2013 and will draw a name.  We will then notify you by email giving you further instructions to collect your free book.  DO NOT include your personal mailing address in your comment for security reasons.
  4. If we do not hear back from you in 5 days, we will draw another winner.
  5. Please allow 2-3 weeks for book delivery.
  6. If you win the book it would be really great if you could come back to this post after you have read it and tell us what you thought about the book.

Ok, now it’s up to you…make a comment below and let’s get started with the short 2-day contest!!!


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