Two More E-Book Freebies

Hey, I’m sorry about all the posts today and I wish I could have found all of them this morning, but some times it just doesn’t work that way.  But I don’t think anyone will mind since you can download a couple of free e-books! Right?  I included the link to the Kindle store, but these books may be free on other e-readers also, so check your store.

  • FREE (2-3/2-5 ONLY) on Kindle:  If You Have a Craving, I Have a Cure: Experience Food, Faith, and Fulfillment a Whole New Way by Sheri Rose Shepherd
  • FREE on Kindle:  The Choice (Lancaster County Secrets #1) by Suzanne Woods Fisher


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2 responses to “Two More E-Book Freebies

  1. Thanks Debbie!! I didn’t get a kindle…but did talk to Best Buy about a Samsung that would hold both all my Nook and Kindle. 🙂 I did finally get this old computer to support a kindle app!! 😉 Thanks again!!

    How are you doing? Praying for you!!

    • Yeah!! I had a friend that got a Samsung tablet and got the kindle app and can get the books too. So glad this is working for you.
      Thanks for the prayers. Still having problems with my eyes, and can’t read but 2-3 chapters at a time and then have to stop. I guess I really should go back to the eye doc, but I’m afraid I’d just be wasting my money and he’d say, my eyes look fine. I don’t know if it’s the cataracts I’m beginning to get that’s doing this to my eyes or not. But I’ve known too many people who come in our Media Center and read all the time and never had these problems and they had cataracts too. Oh well! I keep downloading books though, maybe one day my eyes will get better. Thanks for asking.

      I hope you are doing well. God bless & happy reading!

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