A Change for the New Year

This past year has been a blast, starting this blog in January 2013 and learning so much about WordPress and meeting some of the best Christian Fiction bloggers and meeting some excellent Christian fiction authors that I was totally blessed to interview and giveaway one of their books.  I joined several groups to get free Christian fiction books and write reviews…it was truly a blessing, because I was able to donate them to our Media Center and others have been able to enjoy reading them too.  BUT…sometimes God leads us to a different place, a different season of life.  Right now I feel like my life’s verse is in Psalm 23…he leads me beside the still waters….he restores my soul.  That’s what I hope and pray for this year.

I have had some medical problems that are not serious, yet they really get to you, day after day, after day.  Then I developed some eye problems, and for a reader, that’s not a good problem to have.  I could usually read 2-3 books a week, easily…yet this past Fall, it would take me at least 2 weeks to read a book and then try and write a review!  My memory isn’t that good.  All the stress took the joy of reading right out of me.  I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for so long that the flames have met and I need to re-focus my attention to what’s important.  That’s my relationship with Jesus and my family.  So, with much sadness, I’m going to lay off of the blog for a time, praying that God will lead me back here, but trusting that He knows best.

If I see some great free or deeply discounted e-books, you may get a post though.  I’ll feel guilty if I don’t pass along my wonderful finds!!  And I’ll still  keep reading the blogs I follow and maybe eventually, I’ll even have the time and energy to reply.  I’ve read so many good ones, yet I just haven’t had it in me to make a comment and I love to comment and hear from these dear bloggers.  They put so much of their time and lives into their blogs and I so appreciate them.  And I so appreciate each and everyone of you who follow our blog.  I do hope you’ll just hang on and pray for me and hopefully one day the Lord will lead me back and I’ll be refreshed…I know He will restore my soul.  He keeps His word and I’m going to start the year off with Him and get the refreshment He has in store for me.

Thanks to each one of you who have followed our blog and who have offered comments and words of encouragement.  And a special thanks to the authors who were so wonderful to do interviews and giveaway their books!  Christian authors are the BEST!!!!

God bless each one of you this new year and I  pray that He will bring each one of you closer to Him in 2014!




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14 responses to “A Change for the New Year

  1. So sorry to hear that, Debbie. I wondered where your posts had gone. Will be praying for you. Do you read eBooks at all or is that out altogether?

    • It’s so nice to know that someone has missed my posts!!! 🙂 Thanks for the prayers. I do read e-books and they work better because I can dim the screen. I still can’t read them for a long time, just like staying on the computer for a long time, the words just get all weird and I need to take a break. My eyes are better, but still not perfect. It’s just hard to read a few chapters out of a book and then pick it back up the next day or so and remember what was going on. And then when I do finish, it’s even harder to write a decent review! But, my main reason for stepping back on the blog is that it just began to be all consuming and everything else was being neglected. I never realized how much time and effort there was in doing a blog. It’s been a blast! But, now I need to get my priorities back in order and then step back in the blogging world with a better perspective and set limits.
      Thanks again for the sweet comment and the coveted prayers!

  2. Debbie…I will miss you but will pray for you. God never closes a door without leaving a window open. Stay in touch! Happy and blessed 2014!

    • Thanks for the sweet words and the prayers. I will keep in touch from time to time. I’m hoping that after a few months that I will be more rested and be getting back to where I need to be. Who knows where the Lord will lead, but I do hope it’s back to the blog…I have truly loved it and meeting all of you wonderful people!
      Have a great new year!

  3. Carol Umfer

    First of all Happy New Year. May God bless you and yours during 2014. Thank you for all the ebooks you posted for all of us to possible enjoy. Your words of wisdom also will be remembered. As you know I won a few books that were offered in contests. Thanks for making that time special for me. Please take care of yourself and your eyes as they are preicious. Since birth I’ve only had sight in one eye. Hope to see you on here from time to time just to let us know how you are doing. Take care.

    • Carol, thanks for the sweet words and I do remember you winning some contests!!! Maybe the Lord will lead me back here and I can do more giveaways and interviews with authors…that was so much fun! But, I have a way to totally consume myself with one thing and let others go and that was not good this past year.
      Bless you, Carol…here I am complaining because I have iritis (inflammation of the iris and getting cataracts) and you have only sight in one eye. I assume since you have had that since birth, you are adjusted to it and are not bothered with depth perception much. Since I know you read, you’ve adjusted with that as well. You have given me inspiration!!!
      I will still throw in some posts when I find some great freebies and great discounted e-books. I would feel guilty getting them for myself and not sharing!!!!
      Have a blessed new year and we can keep in touch from time to time.

  4. Debbie, I had been wondering about you this past week! I had seen a few blog posts, but I noticed that you weren’t “out and about” commenting! I wondered if things were ok. I will be praying for you and that even though this is a change, that the extra time with family will be a huge blessing for all of you.

    • Brittany, yes I have slacked off for several weeks now…I guess I was getting myself mentally adjusted to slowing way down starting today. Thanks so much for thinking of me and I hope that now that I won’t be worrying so much about posting myself, I can really enjoy reading your posts and all the other great bloggers I follow. I need to get my priorities straight and then I know that all will fall back into the right place, and I hope the Lord leads me back here. I’ve truly had a blast!
      I will post some freebies and discounted books when I come across them, because I would feel way too guilty getting them myself and not sharing!!!
      I feel truly blessed this year through doing this blog and “meeting” you and all the other wonderful bloggers, and others who followed and commented to posts. I loved the comments and being able to respond. And meeting the great Christian authors has been fantastic!!! But I think I began loving the blog too much and putting it before my Lord and my family. Time to get it back in order.
      Thanks for your sweet words and prayers!

  5. As an avid reader, I am so sorry to hear of the difficulty you are experiencing. :-(. However, as Christians, we know that God is in total control and He will provide what He feels is best for you. Having only found your site a short while ago, I definitely am going to miss it and the wonderful opportunity to save on ebooks that you led us to. I feel that God led me to your site as I am the one that was married at Winterville Baptist Church 53 years ago and have only been back once since. Not a coincidence but Providence. :-). God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Karen, I remember how God so wonderfully led you to us, the church you were married in 53 years ago! Amazing!!!! Thanks for your prayers and I do hope to come back in full force one day. But for now, my priorities have changed and I just need some rest.
      But don’t despair!! If I see a great freebie or discounted e-book, I will post it. I would feel very guilty getting it for myself and not sharing it with all my wonderful followers!!!
      Blessings for a wonderful new year to you!

  6. Dearest Debbie,
    I too had to take a break for almost a month of little to no posting and no reading. I had a serious run of the flu and still am not completely up. God is in control.

    I am praying for you Dear Friend. If I can do anything…just say the word.
    Take care of yourself and if you are not led to come back…I have so enjoyed all your many, many recommendations!! You have blessed my life and I am thankful to have found your lovely blog!!

    Keep serving Him well Dear Friend,
    k 🙂

    • K,

      I’m sorry you had such a bad time with the flu. It’s really going to be a bad year I think. My daughter-in-law had it right before Christmas, still feels weak. She had the flu shot too!

      I sure do hope you get better soon. Sometimes we just need a break to take care of ourselves, don’t we? I’m not giving up the blog entirely, I’ll still share great freebies and discounted e-books…they are too good not to pass along to all my “friends”!

      Thanks for your sweet words and support.

  7. Gwen Newman

    I will be praying for you. You will be missed.

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