Peace, Be Still…

Friday Gleanings.009

“Your salvation requires you to turn back to me and stop your silly efforts to save yourselves. Your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on me— The very thing you’ve been unwilling to do.” (Isaiah 30:15 The Message)

I can count on my fingers the times when I have been so sick that I have been unable to get in my car and get busy for my family, for others, or for the Lord.  Therefore, when illness comes, it is a little frustrating.  However, each time the Lord has allowed me to be sick, he has impressed upon me that my busyness and self-sufficiency have reached a point that has excluded Him.

There are advantages to being horizontal and looking at the world from a position of dependency.  Dependency encourages humility, and humility is the perfect attitude for prayer and intercession.

Today, I picked up one of my old journals. On December 12, 1984, I stayed home sick.  I wrote: “This is my quiet hour.  The sun is reflecting a beautiful image on the wall.  The weather is unseasonably warm for December and the birds glide in graceful flight across the sky.  The neighborhood dogs make a chorus of joyous salutation to the morning, and yet all is still and calm outside and within me.”

If you find yourself unable to be busy today, praise the Lord.  He is giving you a gift, a quiet time to be with Him.

Dearest Heavenly Father,

You are sufficient for us.  You are always there no matter where or in what circumstances we find ourselves.  You are there waiting for us to rest in you and in your Holy Word.  You look forward to engaging us in intimate conversation, but we refuse to stop moving.  Thank you for the times that we are forced to stop and know that you are God, and forgive us for taking your presence for granted.  We take this opportunity to pray for our church, our pastor and those who are horizontal today.  We ask that they may rest in you, and delight in being at peace in your presence.

In the name of Jesus, who is our rest,


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