Christmas at Harmony Hill by Ann Gabhart (4 Stars)


This is the story of Heather Worth who married a man her father did not approve of because he was a Yankee and was fighting on the wrong side, according to her father.  Heather went with her husband, Gideon, traveling with him as the company’s laundress.  She was not happy with the war, but she was happy that she was with Gideon.  But this was no place for a woman to have a baby, so Gideon talked Heather into going home.  She traveled for days and finally, finally she saw home.  So excited to see her family, only the closer she got, she realized that things had changed and she was not welcome.  One of her brothers and her sister helped her as she was forced to stay in the barn, and  they gave her a letter that her mom had written to her.  Her mom told her to go see her Aunt Sophrena who lived at a Shaker village and that Sophrena would help her.

With this being Heather’s only choice, she headed out again into the unknown.  When she arrived, she immediately discovered that the Shakers were very different from her and she didn’t understand them at all.  But it was their policy to help people, so they let her in and since she was pregnant, they let her have a small cabin and let her Aunt stay with her.  I can’t tell you anymore about the book, because I love surprises and I don’t want to know what’s going to happen when reading a book.  Just know that you will really enjoy this book.

This book is filled with different beliefs and how God works in people’s lives to save them, whether they are on the battlefield, a father who hates his daughter, or a Shaker who is having doubts.  And though this is not a typical Christmas story, Ann weaves Christ’s birth into the story beautifully.

Special note:  Come back on between November 1-7, 2013 and read a WONDERFUL Christmas interview with Ann Gabhart.  She’s sharing Christmas memories, photos, and recipes!  And Ann is giving away an autographed copy of this book.  You can’t enter to win on this post, so come back during Nov. 1-7 and make a comment at the end of the interview to be entered to win this really wonderful novel.  Hope to see you in a couple of days!!!


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