Great Free Books-Get them Quick!!!

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Here are some great freebies on Kindle (and possibly other e-readers, so if you have something other than a Kindle, check out your e-store to see if these are free).  Check the dates listed and don’t miss out on one that sounds interesting.  I can personally vouch for Words Spoken True by Ann Gabhart.

  • FREE (TODAY 10/1) on Kindle:  Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free by Tullian Tchividjian
  • FREE  (TODAY 10/1) on Kindle:  Jude by Jeff Nesbit
  • FREE (10/1 – 10/3) on Kindle:  Words Spoken True by Ann Gabhart.  This is a wonderful book and I highly recommended you downloading it while it’s free.  We had Ann Gabhart as our very first Featured Author back in June and she will be back with us in November!  So now’s a great time to get a free book by Ann and discover what an excellent writer she is.
  • FREE on Kindle:  Offworld (Dangerous Times Collection #1)  by Robin Parrish
  • FREE on Kindle:  All the Blue of Heaven (Colors of Faith #1) by Virginia Carmichael and Kathryn Frazier


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11 responses to “Great Free Books-Get them Quick!!!

  1. Carol Umfer

    Thank you for offering the above Free Books. I found some available for my nook.

  2. Great! Thanks. I just finished perusing. I always appreciate your listed suggestions. – Many Blessings

  3. sylvia j.stogden

    How wonderful – Thanks !
    God Bless 🙂

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