The Winner of our Book Giveaway with Elizabeth Ludwig is…..

Baloons and Confetti for Blog Book Winners.001

Carol from Trevose, PA is our winner!

Congratulations, Carol.  We are excited you won and I know you are going to love this book…the whole series!!

Thanks to everyone who made comments and entered the giveaway, you really, really blessed Elizabeth.  She said to me in an email yesterday;

Thank you so much, Debbie. I’ve been very encouraged by the number of people who said things like “I’m not familiar with this author” or “I haven’t read these books”, because that means you’ve helped me reach new readers!!

And that’s great!  There are some really great Christian authors out there that we haven’t “met” yet and getting to know them through these interviews and book reviews posted on this blog and other Christian book review blogs is wonderful!

For those who didn’t win, I do hope you’ll find you a copy of this series by Elizabeth and start reading.



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4 responses to “The Winner of our Book Giveaway with Elizabeth Ludwig is…..

  1. Carol Umfer

    Thank you for choosing me as the winner!! Will be watching the mail with anticipation. To all those you entered and did not win I hope you will still read the book and post a comment. Perhaps in the future you will enter a contest and be lucky enough to win.

    • That’s so sweet! The one thing I hate about doing the contests is I wish I had a book to give to everyone who enters!

      Please keep coming back, our next one Oct. 1st with Hannah Alexander and then on Nov. 1st with Ann Gabhart and then Dec. 1st with Max Elliot Anderson. I’m also doing a blog tour on Oct. 30th with Alana Terry, author of Beloved Daughter (this is my first experience with a blog tour so I don’t know what to expect, but I’m sure it will be a great experience!)

  2. Congratulations Carol!!! What a blessing!! 🙂

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