God Always Makes Room For Us

Friday Gleanings.009

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”  (Matthew 7:7 NIV)

In my Father’s house there was always room for family. An extra bed could be the couch, a roll away bed or a pallet on the floor.  No one was ever turned away.  An extra place could always be set at the table.  Food, conversation, and laughter were always plentiful for us and for anyone we brought home with us.

There is nothing my father would withhold from his children.  When we were little, he worked long hours in a hot kitchen so that we could have the things we needed.  Even after we left home to marry and start families of our own, we knew that we could always come back to my father’s house for advice, for comfort, and for emotional or financial support.

If we knocked at the door, no matter what the hour, we were certain that the door would be opened and that we would be well-received, and that anyone we brought with us would be welcomed warmly and sincerely.

In my Heavenly Father’s House, there are many mansions.  Someday I will live there.  In the meantime, I can pray asking for what I need for myself and for others.  I can be certain that my Father will listen.  He will not withhold wisdom and comfort, mercy and grace, or forgiveness.  If I seek Him and bring others to meet with Him, he will be gracious, and He will receive them also.  He will fill them with wisdom, shower them with love, heal them and comfort them as he does all those of us who have been grafted into His family.

Dearest Heavenly Father,

You are our Abba. You are also our Lord, our God and King whom we worship in spirit and in truth.   We love you and want to be with you.  Every day we come to you asking for spiritual food for us and for others.  We come seeking your wisdom, your love, your mercy, and your grace.  We know that when we knock on Your door, we will be received, accepted, fed, healed and returned to our daily life refreshed and replenished.  Forgive us when we hesitate to knock on the door.  Forgive us when we fail to bring others to you.  Today, we come asking, seeking and knocking.  We long to be embraced, fed and strengthened.

In the name of Jesus, who fed the multitudes and feeds us still with His Word,



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