Some Great Free and Discounted E-Books For You Today!

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I received some great news from Tyndale House Publisher this morning with some great FREE e-books.  Some start this week and some next week, so I’ll keep you informed about those next week.  I have also found some other great e-book deals I’m passing along.  I’m including the Kindle link to take you directly to the amazon site to “purchase” the book, but most of these books may be “on sale” on other e-readers too, so check your e-reader store and see if they are free or discounted. I also encourage you to click on the author’s name and you’ll be directed to their website/blog and you can get to know them better and find out about other books they’ve written.

I have the dates that the book will be either free or discounted on some (and I’m posting that along with the book) otherwise, I don’t know, so get it now.  Sometimes they are free one day and regular price the next.  I’ve missed out on some good books by waiting!  Double check the price before downloading.  Happy Reading!

  • FREE (9/8 – 10/12) on Kindle:  The Sea Glass Sisters (Prelude to The Prayer Box) by Lisa Wingate (Tyndale House) This is a novella that takes place before Lisa’s book, The Prayer Box, which I really enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to reading this novella and getting some background info.
  • FREE (9/8 – 9/14) on Kindle:  When God Intervenes: The Extraordinary Story of Faith, Hope, and the Power of  Prayer by Dabney Hedegard (Tyndale House)
  • $1.99 (9/1 – 9/30) on Kindle:  Blind Spot 1: (RPM) by  Chris Fabry (Tyndale House) For ages 10+

You can visit Vessel Project and see the books they have listed as free and discounted today.


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