Great Free and Discounted E-Books

I’m really busy today with the interview/giveaway for Jennifer Erin Valent and keeping grandson’s too, so I’m going to cheat again and just give you the link to visit to see some REALLY GREAT free and discounted books.

The one’s my Mindy Starnes Clark, Ann Gabhart, Elizabeth Camden, and B. J. Hoff, I can tell you for sure that they are great.  And some of the others look really good too.

Here’s the link:  The Vessel Project

These are some great books for great prices and I don’t want you to miss them.





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2 responses to “Great Free and Discounted E-Books

  1. Where are the free e books?

    • Most authors and publishers have greatly reduced the amount of free e-books. That said, there are still some out there that maybe the first in a series or maybe not free but at a reduced price.
      I had to give up my job as director of the Media Center because of health issues and the volunteers that keep the Media Center running did not want to learn how to do the blog and keep it going. I may post a freebie or discounted book a very few times a year. I’m sorry that I’m just not able to keep up this blog. I loved every minute and especially the interviews and free giveaways from Christian authors we started having each month. All good things come to an end. This is one of them. Maybe not completely the end, because I just logged in and saw this message as I was about to post a free book.
      So, today I will post a book that is free for only today.
      Thank you for stopping by our blog and making a comment.
      God bless!

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