Catching Katie by Robin Lee Hatcher (4 Stars)

Positively Charming (4 Stars)


Catching Katie by Robin Lee Hatcher

Catching Katie is an appropriate title for this sweet historical romance.  Katie Jones knows what she wants out of life and she’s jumping head first into the women’s suffrage movement.  She’s been in Washington D.C. and then heads back home in her old motorcar she has named “Susan B”.  She is going to try and get the women’s movement going in Idaho and then the whole country.  But when she gets back home and see’s her best friend Ben, who just happens to own the local newspaper, things start happening.  Ben agrees to let her have a women’s column each week and she begins stirring up all kinds of trouble around town.

She is adorable and Ben is too and it’s obvious from the start that they are meant for each other.  The only trouble Ben has is to convince Katie of that.  So, he really does spend most of the book trying to catch her attention and to admit her love for him.  She gets into all kinds of crazy situations and most are comical and a few serious.  I found it interesting reading about the women’s movement in the early 1900’s.

I guess the book is predicable to a point, but it kept my interest and I loved reading this book.  Sometimes I just want a good lighthearted romance to just sit back and enjoy.  This is that kind of book.  One you’d take to the beach with you to just relax and smile at all the escapades Katie and Ben get into.  I hope to read more books by Robin Lee Hatcher in the future.

I won this book through a sweepstakes on Goodreads and was not asked to do a review but I wanted to because I really did enjoy reading this book!  And I’m donating it to our Media Center for our patrons who love historical romances! They will love this one!



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