Jungle Fire by Dana Mentink – A Breathtaking Mystery (5 Stars)

Jungle Fire by Dana Mentink (Moody Publishers) 

I must admit that I was not too sure about this book at first.  But then I started reading it!  Wow!  I started reading it and was intrigued and then it took me off on a breath taking ride through the jungles of Guatemala fighting for my breath each page!

This is a story of Nina Truman who is a nurse missionary in Guatemala.  Her father who works with her had already left on furlough and Nina decided to stay with another missionary and see a few sights before they went back to the States.  Bad decision!  She is immediately caught up in a life or death situation and she can’t figure out why people are trying to kill her.  An unexpected hero shows up to help her, Shaw Wilder, her best friends brother and his dog, Axel.  I fell in love with that dog!  Shaw has his own agenda for being in Guatemala and that is to avenge the death of his sister, Beth.  He blames Nina, Fuentes (Beth’s husband) and Escorpion – the drug leader who had her killed and God.  Shaw is full of hatred and revenge and is not happy about having to keep Nina alive as they literally run through the jungles for their life.

Not really sure who she can trust, but God, Nina leans on Shaw for his help, even though he’s not happy about giving it.  Forgiveness is not something that Shaw can do right now and having Nina with him is tearing him up inside.

Running through the jungle with Shaw and Nina, I was holding my breath and trembling just thinking about all the bugs, snakes, wild animals….not to mention the bullets and knives!  A little more than halfway through the book there was a nice respite with Axel, the dog, it was a laugh out loud moment for me.  I guess it just released some tension so I could continue on reading.  You won’t believe the twists and turns and wondering, along with Nina, why was she being targeted and by whom?  This book will keep you guessing until the end.

This is the first book I’ve read by Dana Mentink and it won’t be my last.  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author for my honest review.  And I honestly loved it!!!  Visit her at www.danamentink.com and read more about her and her books.

I will be donating this book to our Media Center so our patrons can check it out.  Watch the trailer below:



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3 responses to “Jungle Fire by Dana Mentink – A Breathtaking Mystery (5 Stars)

  1. Thank you very much for those kind words. Writing is a brutal business sometimes and it means a lot to an author to receive such an encouragement. God bless (and in honor of the day, God Bless America!) ♥

    • I’m sure it is a brutal business, but you are going to be just fine! I wish I could write better reviews, but I just start typing and it all just comes out, rambling and all! I just hope my excitement for the books shines through, that’s all that matters to me. I love Christian fiction and when I read a really good book I want everyone to know about it. Keep up the great work! Yes, God Bless America!!!

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