Colleen Coble’s Book, Rosemary’s Cottage – Giveaway – July 1-8, 2013

Sweepstakes to win this book, July 1-8, 2013

Sweepstakes to win this book, July 1-8, 2013

I’m not sure if this is a bad week to have a book giveaway or what, but so far we only have 4 people commenting on the post to enter to receive an autographed copy of Colleen’s latest book.  Colleen is a fantastic Christian author of mystery and romance and those of you who have read her books know this.  If you haven’t read any of her books, now is the time to start.  Colleen was so generous with her time in answering the interview questions and donating the autographed book and I just want everyone to have a chance to read her interview and comment on the post to enter to have a chance of winning.

So, what’s stopping you?  We have some great authors lined up all the way through December for interviews and book giveaways and if we don’t get any better response than this, I don’t think we’ll continue this feature in 2014.  Come on, let’s support these great authors and read their books and visit their websites/blogs.  I don’t know what I would do without Christian fiction and I want everyone to know about these authors and read their books.

So just look at the top of our blog and see the “Featured Author & Book Giveaway” title, click on it and scroll down and find the post “Meet Colleen Coble…” and read and make a comment to be entered in the contest.  It’s simple!  It’s free!



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4 responses to “Colleen Coble’s Book, Rosemary’s Cottage – Giveaway – July 1-8, 2013

  1. Brittany McEuen

    I just wanted to let you know that I reblogged this and your previous post and also posted a link to your giveaway on goodreads under Christian fiction giveaways. If you are on The Book Club Network on facebook, you could also post a link there to let people know about the contest. I hope lots of people start commenting.

  2. Thanks! I didn’t know I could do that on goodreads and I’m a member of The Book Club Network don’t follow on Facebook, I’ll do that. Thanks for doing this and letting me know all the great info about how to get the word out to lots of people!!!

  3. Gwen Newman

    Colleen Coble hasn’t written a bad book yet and I can’t wait to get her new one. The Rock Harbor series is my favorite and I love Bree.

    • Gwen, I’m with you! Colleen is a great writer. She has a couple of series I haven’t read yet and I’ve got to get to them soon. Just reading the interview makes me feel more connected to her and I’m going to read this latest series this month. Thanks for visiting and entering to win her new book.

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