Free and Discounted E-Books Today – June 7, 2013

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Here’s a wide selection today, from free to discounted, from junior fiction to adult fiction,  and non-fiction.  Click on the e-reader to be taken directly to the website to read the description/reviews on the book and then purchase if you like it.  Just remember to double check on the price to make sure it is still the price you are expecting.  Prices change quickly.

  • FREE-This is the LAST DAY this book will be offered FREE on Kindle:  A Season of Mysteries (sequel to A Season of Miracles) by Rusty Whitener. Our Media Center has A Season of Miracles, Book 1, if you need to check it out and read first.
  • FREE (thru 6-15) on Kindle and Nook: Dog Daze (S.A.V.E. Squad #1) by Lauraine Snelling (this is for middle school age girls)
  • 99¢ on Kindle:  Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride (Emma Rae Creations #2) by Sandra D. Bricker.  You can look under our Book Reviews and read the review I wrote about Book #4 in this series.  It’s a fantastic, cute series.  Maybe the others in the series will be offered at a reduced rate later.
  • $1.99 on Kindle:  He Did This Just For You by Max Lucado
  • $2.28 on Kindle:  The Trouble With Tulip (The Smart Chick Series #1) by Mindy Starns Clark.  Our Media Center has this entire series and it’s so good.  It’s a light, funny, romance with mystery included.  You’ll laugh, you’ll learn some cleaning tips, get caught up in “who did it” and it’s just a delightful read.

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