Sunday Recap: June 2, 2013

Our pastor, Dr. Phil Wages, has joined the blog world today! Yeah!!! Take a look at his blog, it looks very nice. Our youth pastor, Josh Mosely, (and computer guru) set it up for him and did a great job. It will be nice to read re-caps of the sermons and other things that grab his attention throughout the week.

Phil Wages • Senior Pastor, Winterville FBC

Sunday Recap: June 2, 2013

It was great to see everyone at Sunday School and church after being a little low last week because of Memorial Day. We had 244 in worship on Sunday morning.

I baptized Gabe Holland in the morning worship service. He recently came to know Christ and today he made his decision public through baptism. I love to have baptism as a part of our worship service. It was also good to see some new faces in the congregation as well.

I’m not preaching a book series or an expository series in the month of June. I’m just preaching on various texts during the month before I begin preaching through Judges in July.

I preached Revelation 5:1-14 today, “Jesus is Worthy of Worship.” We sang a lot about Jesus being our Lamb who is worthy and it was great!

Main Idea of the Sermon: Jesus is…

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