Excellent Historical, Suspenseful Romance Set in Europe

Scan 131180000Grave Consequences (The Grand Tour #2) by Lisa T. Bergren

I could hardly put this book down.  It picks up right after Book 1, Glamorous Illusions, ends and continues on with Cora Diehl Kensington on her grand tour of Europe with her new found half siblings and their friends.  Their tours guides, Will McCabe and his uncle, continue on with added security after their last episode of violence and fear for the lives of their touring party.

While Cora continues to make her half brothers and sister like her, she finds herself even more sure of her feelings for Will.  But she knows her real father, Wallace Kensington, will never agree to her relationship with someone who is now beneath her new station in life.  While she struggles with that, the charming Pierre de Richelieu, who offered them sanctuary in his grand castle in Book 1, plans on meeting with the group soon.  She knows he’s in love with her, but her heart is still struggling with her emotions.

More suspense and intrigue follow them through France, Austria and Italy, as they pick up a new traveler, Art Stapleton, who has introduced them to the new Kodak camera.  He’s constantly taking pictures and it makes you wonder what he’s really up to.

This book ends with the promise of another book, Glittering Promises, and I can hardly wait.  This is definitely a series you need to start reading with the first book.  Each story builds on the other and it is pure enjoyment!  This book has it all…history, romance, suspense.  It is Christian fiction, but not preachy, so I think anyone would love it.


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