Rich With Georgia History

Scan 131120000Sautee Shadows (The Georgia Gold Series #1) by Denise Weimer (Canterbury House Publishing)

I have read plenty of historical novels before, but none prepared me for such an extensive history lesson.  I was extremely impressed with the author’s knowledge of history concerning Georgia, the gold rush, the plight of the Cherokee Indians, slavery and the various opinions about it from Southerners to Northerners.  She had to have done extensive research in writing this book.  If you are a history buff, then you will really enjoy this book.  The novel jumps all over (New York, NY; Princeton, NJ; Newport, RI; Savannah, GA; Sautee Valley, GA; Habersham County, GA; Chatham County, GA; Montpelier, GA; Clarkesville, GA) from 1835 to 1855.  And follows four families as their lives eventually begin to intertwine with each other.

It did take me a while to get into the book, sorting out the different families and where they were from and going back and forth from families and towns and States.  But once I got the hang of it, I really got interested in the story.

If you live in North Georgia or Savannah you’ll find this novel interesting, because you’ll recognize the locations and historical landmarks.  I’m a Georgia girl and have visited Savannah and North Georgia, but now would love to go back and see if I can find some of the historical places mentioned in the book.

This is Book 1 in a series of 4.  The second book, The Gray Divide, will be coming out in September 2013 and will continue the story of these families as the States prepare for war.

I met the author, Denise Weimer, at a book signing at The Carpenter’s Shop in Athens, Georgia and she was positively delightful.  I enjoyed talking to her about her books.  I could tell she was really excited about Georgia history.  Now I know why…she’s very smart!

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