99₵ Sale From Abingdon Press-Today Only-April 15, 2013


Great news!  Just click on the icon above and you will be directed to the Amazon site with a list of all the books that Abingdon Press has on sale TODAY ONLY.  And the really fantastic news is that they have the first 3 books in the Emma Rae Creations series by Sandra D. Bricker for only 99 cents each.  If you follow me you got my review of Book 4 this morning, if not, you can read my review under the “Book Reviews” tab.  You’ll love this series.

I have several other books that are listed that I have yet to read (there’s just not enough time in the day to read all the books I want to), but I’m sure that most of them are good books also.  You can check out the reviews and see what you think.  99 cents is just about as good as free!

Other series that are available for 99 cents each TODAY ONLY that I have read and know are really good are:

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