Free E-Book – March 27, 2013

  • FREE on Kindle:  The Glimpse: A Vision of America’s Future by Grant Carroll (I have no idea how long it will be free, so if you want it go ahead and download today.)

This book has caught my interest.  I’ve been looking at the reviews on Amazon and even watched a video review one pastor posted about this book. I went ahead and downloaded the book for myself, not thinking I would pass it along, because I really don’t know the author or anything about him.  So then I did a google search and found this Vimeo interview with the author, Grant Carroll, and watched it and now I’m really intrigued.  I’m passing this along you you so you can look for yourself and see if this is the kind of book you may want to read.  Watch the interview and see what you think.  Always check what you read, fiction or non-fiction, with the Bible to make sure it’s scriptural.  If you do read this book, I would love to hear comments about it.


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