Free E-Books – March 22, 2013

I’ve found three free books and one for a great price.  Click on the e-reader and you will be taken to the website to read about the book and download it.  Also, click on the author’s name to be taken to their website.

  • FREE on Kindle:  But For Grace by Tracey Bateman
  • FREE on Nook:  In the Company of Secrets (Postcards from Pullman #1) by Judith Miller.  This is not a free book on Kindle, but I sure do wish it was because it sounds really good.
  • FREE on Kindle:  To Rise Above by Julianne Jones.  Looks like this is the second book in a series, but from what I can gather you don’t have to read the first book, but if you like background info you might want to keep an eye out for To A Distant Land.  I went ahead and downloaded this free book and if I like it (it sure sounds good) then I may have to buy the first book.
  • $2.99 on Kindle and Nook:  The Colonel’s Lady by Laura Frantz.  I haven’t read this book, but I’ve read others by Laura Frantz and have really enjoyed them.  In fact, Courting Morrow Little was a reduced price earlier this month…I’ve read it and it’s VERY good.

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