All in Good Time by Maureen Lang – Great Book!

Scan 130750001I believe this is my first time reading a book by Maureen Lang and it won’t be my last.  She is a gifted writer who draws you into the book immediately and doesn’t let you go until the end…and then you want it to keep going!  She develops her characters wonderfully and gives a Christian perspective to the story without being “preachy”.

Dessa Caldwell is on a mission to help women in Denver who have no other choice than to work in a brothel.  She is not the least bit condemning because she knows that but for the grace of God she might be in the same place.  Her desire is to carry out her dear friend Sophie’s dream to open a home near the very district the women work, so she will be close enough for them to learn about her and her desire to give them other options.  To learn that beauty is from the inside and that beauty comes from God.  But she has a problem, getting money from donors and a loan from a bank is hard for a woman with no means of paying back the loan…especially in the 1887!

Henry Hawkins is a young handsome owner of a local bank, who keeps to himself and has quite a reputation for not being the least bit friendly.  He has a past he is trying to atone for and forget, yet it keeps creeping back and holding him back from moving forward.

Of course, you can figure out by now that Dessa comes to Henry for a loan and she gets the loan and you can probably go ahead and figure out the ending.  But what happens in-between is a wonderful story that is woven together with the lives of so many other people, a few women who have taken refuge in Pierson House and a villan, Turk Foster, who has his own agenda, and many others.  The excitement builds with each chapter and one quote sticks in my mind from the end of the book:

“She (Dessa) caught back such thoughts, as if Sophie herself were there to scold her.  “We may question the circumstances God allows to draw us to Him or to teach us, but we must never question His love. His will is known to those who seek it, all in good time.”

I highly recommend this book.  After reading this book, I discovered that there is another  book in The Gilded Legacy Series that came first, Bees in the Butterfly Garden, and thought I had missed out on a previous story with the characters.  But I have learned that this series is comprised of stand-alone stories that can be read in any order.  I have the first book and am looking forward to reading it and then I would like to read the Great War Series by Maureen Lang.

Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

I am donating this book to the Media Center and we also have Bees in the Garden, the first book in the Gilded Legacy Series.



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3 responses to “All in Good Time by Maureen Lang – Great Book!

  1. Gwen Newman

    With your review, you aroused my interest. I went to the blog and now I am hooked. Obviously she isn’t a new author but I have never read her. That will soon change. Thank you for broadening my horizons.

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