The Icecutter’s Daughter (Land of Shining Water #1) by Tracie Peterson – 5 Stars

cover24121-smallThis was a typical Tracie Peterson book…wonderful!!!  Romance is not my favorite genre, but this book had enough history and drama in it that the romance was just plain sweet.

The book starts out on December 31, 1895 in Minnesota and I was really captivated by learning the whole process that was used to get ice “way back then”.  Amazing!

Merrill Krause was a very strong, independent woman who knew exactly who she was and what she wanted out of life.  She lost her mother early in life and was the only female in a household of men…father and several brothers. She not only did all the housework, and cooking (the best cook in the county), but she helped with the horses, the garden and the ice cutting.  Wow! Not to say that she didn’t get into trouble and almost missed out on the love of her life (I’ll let you read the book and get all the wonderful details on that), but she was able to get good advise from her “Granny” and her father and her Lord.

A wonderful conversation with her father about how to know God’s will was great.  Here’s an excerpt: “Merrill finally spoke.  “You mentioned God’s will for me.  How will I know what that is, Father?”  He let go of her hands and leaned back in the chair.  “I’ve always believe it to start with prayer.  The Good Book says that if a man wants wisdom, he just has to ask.  I would imagine it works the same way for womenfolk.  If you want to know what God’s plan is – then I would ask Him.  Couldn’t hurt to search the Scriptures, too.  And listen to what He is telling you inside.  Even when you don’t think you’re hearing anything, keep listening.  And know I’ll be praying, as well.”

Great advise for anyone, fictional character or real person.  Seek God and keep on listening for Him.  Just because you don’t get an answer right away doesn’t mean God is not listening, His timing is perfect.  And having a prayer warrior praying for you as well, is just icing on the cake.

I will definitely buy this book for my church Media Center and I can’t wait for The Quarryman’s Bride – Book 2, to come out in June 2013.

I received this book as a free digital download from NetGalley and Baker Publishing Group for my honest review.


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