The Bible Miniseries Review

I thought about just making a comment to my previous post on this epic miniseries, but decided to do it as a post so everyone would get it.  One comment made to the original post, was to be careful about this movie and to go back to the Bible to read the real account.  I just finished watching the first part from last night and I totally agree.  It is a massive undertaking, to be sure, and the visuals are great.  Although, I’m having a hard time with the accents…I never expected Noah to have an Irish accent (at least that’s what it sounded like to me).  Anyway,  I realize that there is no way for them to do a 10-part series about the entire Bible and get it all in, but I had hoped that what they did get in would be accurate.  But just like any movie made from a book, this one is no different, and they have changed the stories to suit the movie.  Maybe not much, but enough that if you know your Bible then you will recognize the difference.

One good thing I hope comes from this movie is that everyone pulls out their Bibles and starts reading the REAL STORY, in God’s own inspired words.  God’s Word is so much better than this movie could ever be.  So enjoy the movie, but realize that it is a very condensed version and some things have been changed.  So after you watch the episodes, get your Bible out and read the actual account and all the stories in-between.  You will be blessed!


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