The Bible Miniseries Begins 3-3-13

This miniseries has been promoted for at least a year and now it’s just a week away.  Beginning on 3-3-13 on The History Channel for 5 weeks we’ll be able to see a spectacular movie of the highlights of the Biblical events from Genesis to Revelation.  The creators are the husband and wife team, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (from Touched by An Angel).  So set your DVR’s up for a series recording so you won’t miss a single episode.  Just watch the trailer and see for yourself how spectacular it will be.  Also, visit and to read more about it.


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2 responses to “The Bible Miniseries Begins 3-3-13

  1. I would not discourage anyone from watching this. If you do, however, keep in mind that it is impossible to contain every chapter and verse of the Bible in visual format.
    My suggestion is to pick up the Bible after each viewing starting with Genesis to see what was left out and to check for accuracy. For example, the story line jumps from Isaac’s childhood to Moses without even dealing with Jacob, Essau or Joseph and the reason the Hebrews found themselves in Egypt.
    So if you watch this, go back to the source, because the gaps are significant from story to story.

  2. This is good to know. And that goes without saying for any Christian movie or book, always check it against the Scriptures. I knew that if this mini-series was going to just on Sunday nights in March and covering Genesis through Revelation they would have to be leaving a lot of important stories out. Thank you for your comment and encouragement to pick up God’s Word to get the whole story!

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