The Choice – Robert Whitlow

The Choice by Robert Whitlow

Robert Whitlow has done it again.  He’s written a wonderful book on a tough subject.  This is the story of a young teenager who finds herself pregnant and is faced with 3 choices.  1.  Abortion 2. Adoption 3. Keep the baby.  You will go through this process with her and her family and then you will see what happens in her life many years later.  It’s hard to give a review about this book without “spilling the beans” and letting you know details that would be better for you to enjoy finding out yourself.  I thought it was amazing that God placed this book in my hands to start reading on the Sunday we celebrated the Sanctity of Life.  It really reiterated how precious every life is to God and how He can use each one of us for His glory, if only we let Him.

Come by and check this book out and read it for yourself.  It was a very good book and the way I know that is when I turn to the last page and finish the book and say “I wish there would be a sequel to this book!”.  That means it’s an excellent book to me.



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